Sweet Soul Music

Sweet Soul Music Soul is an American music genre that combines elements of black gospel and

Rhythm and Blues

The musical term and stylings of rhythm and blues was introduced in the United States in

Bands: The Penguins

The Penguins were an American doo wop band formed in the 1950s, probably most known for

Bands: The Drifters

The Drifters were an American vocal group of Rhythm & Blues and doo wop, founded in

Bands: The Coasters

The Coasters is a rhythm and blues and rock and roll vocal band that was born

Bands: The Platters

The Platters (formed in Los Angeles in 1953 and disbanded in the late 1960s) was an

Bands: The Four Tops

The Four Tops is an American music band or quartet that has made its debut in

Doo Wop Style

Doo wop is a vocal music style born of the union of rhythm and blues and