Paying Attention to the Great Sweet Soul Music Icons

Sweet Soul Music is one of the greatest forms of music that has ever come into existence. For those that love this type of music, they have very fond memories of the classic artists that made this genre so famous. There are some great websites that one can access to help them gain further knowledge about this music that includes the different types of bands and artists.

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One of the areas of interest that may be appealing to you is a little bit of history about the stars of sweet soul music that helped to bring this type of music to fame.

An artist in this music genre that stands out as being one of the best is, of course, Ray Charles. His ability to combine gospel with the blues is what sweet soul is all about and this artist created the roots for this type of music.

Then added to the list of great soul greats has to be Arthur Conley. He was accredited with producing one of the biggest soul hits ever made which was “Sweet Soul Music”. Jimmy James is another name that comes to the memory of sweet soul music lovers.

There have been many women who have contributed to the sweet soul music genre and they deserve the credit for doing so. This includes Etta James and Laeh Jones. These ladies can bring soul home to the very heart of the listeners.

All one has to do is put on a CD that consists of the offerings of any one of these sweet soul legends to create a new stir in the music all over again.